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Coming soon: Maplestory RX

2009-06-22 10:31:58 by BluBlaze37

My friend and I are coming out with a new series soon called Maplestory RX. I feel like it will be my best work SO FAR. (might be out in 2 or so weeks). For episode 1 I will be doing all the animating and SilentTyphon will just be helping me with the story. But if this series is a success then Silent will be learning to animate and help me to produce episodes faster :)

Yeah.... Also read the one on SilentTyphons page.

No Movies For a While

2009-06-18 12:38:36 by BluBlaze37

Im not going to have any movies coming out anytime soon because my sources are very limited and sometimes my macromedia flash 8 simply cant handle tracing some bitmaps... T.T
So dont expect movies from me for a while.

And please: Dont leave mean comments... Not only is it rude... but it is stupid, and dumb, and gay, and idiotic. So please: DONT...

No more FE?

2009-05-30 08:52:00 by BluBlaze37

Well, I kinda gave up on the whole Fire Emblem thing and now im doing Maplestory Flash. I just have to say that working with Bannedstory is a lot easier, looks better, and is more fun than working with sprite sheets or drawings. I still may be producing some sprite or drawn flash in the future though. Just probobly not FE...

A Fire Emblem Short 2

2009-05-11 08:59:08 by BluBlaze37

Im probobly going to have the second fire emblem flash out by Sunday, 05/17/09. I'll say that it will be A LOT better. With improved: graphics, sound, fighting, and humor.